Governor Vetoes Transportation Bill

On June 4 Gov. John Hickenlooper vetoed SB 14-197 “Transportation Enterprise Transparency Act” and signed an Executive Order that will improve transparency, accountability and openness relating to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) High-performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE). “We firmly believe that government should always strive to be transparent and accountable,” Gov. Hickenlooper wrote in a letterContinue reading “Governor Vetoes Transportation Bill”

Sen. Jones’ Tolling Bill Draws Immediate Opposition

Sen. Matt Jones (D-Boulder County) created a furor over the lack of transparency and public input for the Highway 38 public-private partnership (P3) plan. Then he drafted a bill that he claimed would solve those issues. However, the bill he drafted and circulated for comment has not garnered support and will not be introduced, accordingContinue reading “Sen. Jones’ Tolling Bill Draws Immediate Opposition”