Larimer County: Short-Term Rental Regulations Approved

The Larimer County Commissioners and Estes Park Board of Trustees finally reached consensus on short-term aka vacation rental regulations in the Estes Valley in a joint meeting on December 15. While some of the elected officials were not entirely happy with all the details of the ordinance, in a spirit of compromise they voted toContinue reading “Larimer County: Short-Term Rental Regulations Approved”

Boulder: Co-op Housing Still Controversial

On December 6, the City Council continued its hearing on a proposed ordinance to allow cooperative housing but made no final decisions. It was clear citizen criticism weighed heavily on the Council’s minds although no additional public comment was taken at the meeting. In late November, nearly 80 people attended a public meeting on theContinue reading “Boulder: Co-op Housing Still Controversial”

Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects

Brad Mueller, the Director of Greeley’s Community Development Department, says the City will draft a construction defects ordinance in 2017. He is looking at ordinances passed in Fort Collins and Loveland this year as models for the proposed ordinance the City Council will review. While there is no guarantee the City Council will approve anything,Continue reading “Greeley: City to Consider Construction Defects”

Region: Denver Creates Affordable Housing Fund

The Denver City Council approved an ordinance creating a $150 million fund for affordable housing. The fund is intended to create or preserve 600 units each year for ten years. City property owners will be charged an additional half mill, equating $12 a year on a home worth $300,000, which will bring in about $6.5Continue reading “Region: Denver Creates Affordable Housing Fund”

Loveland: Flexible Zoning Overlay Approved

The City Council unanimously approved an ordinance creating the flexible zoning overlay with no discussion. The overlay concept is intended to encourage the development or redevelopment of infill parcels that are blighted or difficult to develop under existing zoning standards. Properties on the west end of Eisenhower, are often cited as parcels that could beContinue reading “Loveland: Flexible Zoning Overlay Approved”

Fort Collins: Revisions to Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance

On August 9 staff also presented potential refinements to the transportation component of the City’s Adequate Public Facilities (APF) ordinance which was originally designed to supplement the street oversizing fee. The APF looks at a development’s impacts to the existing level of service on affected streets and intersections. It sets standards and requirements which have toContinue reading “Fort Collins: Revisions to Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance”

Loveland: Flexible Zoning Overlay Passes First Reading

The City Council unanimously passed an ordinance on first reading to encourage developers to consider lots that are difficult to build on by providing relief from existing regulatory standards that restrain development. The flexible zoning overlay is intended to get an applicant through the development process quicker with less initial cost. For example, it mayContinue reading “Loveland: Flexible Zoning Overlay Passes First Reading”

Colorado: Denver Announces More Fees and Taxes for Affordable Housing Program

The City of Denver recently announced a new effort to combat the price of housing. Single-family developments will be charged an additional 60 cents a square foot while multi-family projects will be charged an additional $1.25 per square foot. Most commercial projects will be charged $1.70 a square foot. In addition, all property owners (residentialContinue reading “Colorado: Denver Announces More Fees and Taxes for Affordable Housing Program”

Boulder: Council Adding More Landlord Disclosures

Last night the City Council was supposed to consider an ordinance to add more requirements to the list of disclosures landlords must supply to tenants. However, the Council spent too much time deciding how to ignore the City Attorney’s advice regarding an initiated ballot measure to tax sugary drinks and ran out of time. TheContinue reading “Boulder: Council Adding More Landlord Disclosures”

Fort Collins: Silo Decision Victory for Property Rights

Tuesday the City Council passed an ordinance on first reading that designates a barn and milk house on the new Woodward campus as historic landmarks. Woodward consented to the designation. However, the Council did not approve a nonconsensual landmark designation for two silos on the property as requested by a group of local activists (SaveContinue reading “Fort Collins: Silo Decision Victory for Property Rights”