Loveland: Council Postpones Adoption of New Impact Fees

The City Council has been discussing a new methodology for calculating capital expansion (or impact) fees for new development for five years. Last week staff presented Council with a resolution adopting the new plans based fees but after a long conversation, Council opted to postpone the decision until September. The CEFs under consideration included fire,Continue reading “Loveland: Council Postpones Adoption of New Impact Fees”

Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion

When the City went through the process of updating its impact fees it became clear that water fees for residential development also needed to be reviewed. After hiring a consultant, Doug Jeavons of BBC, City staff scheduled a series of meetings with stakeholders (GARA, the HBA and the Water Board) to get input. Jeavons saidContinue reading “Greeley: City Begins Water Dedication Discussion”

City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, later this year the Boulder City Council will consider adopting regulations for the wildland-urban interface — city neighborhoods that abut open space — that will address everything from building materials to vegetation near homes. More than 70,000 communities across the United States lie in the wildland-urban interface, and someContinue reading “City of Boulder to Consider New Fire Codes for “Interface” Areas”