Longmont: Council Wants Rail

The City Council passed a resolution proposed by Mayor Coombs and Councilmember Joan Peck asking RTD to complete the Northwest Rail Line as originally proposed in the FasTracks ballot initiative approved by voters in 2004. Longmont taxpayers have paid $39.5 million to RTD for FasTracks thus far. All the other FasTrack rail corridors have beenContinue reading “Longmont: Council Wants Rail”

Boulder: BRT Becomes Priority for Northwest Line

Bus rapid transit (BRT) and not rail, is moving to the top of RTD’s priority list for the Northwest Corridor. RTD’s Board of Directors adopted the recommendations of the Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS), a collaborative effort with northwest area governments and transportation partners to achieve consensus on a set of recommendations to improve mobilityContinue reading “Boulder: BRT Becomes Priority for Northwest Line”

Longmont Council Discusses Transportation

The Longmont City Council discussed the latest studies regarding FasTracks and the proposed Northwest rail line — and were disappointed with what they learned. By a 6-0 vote  (Gabe Santos was absent), the Council asked its legal staff to study whether Longmont can put its FasTracks sales tax funds into an escrow account until it getsContinue reading “Longmont Council Discusses Transportation”