Building Up New Homes On IRESis

IRES partnered with New Home Source to help YOU. Typically, agents do not have the tools to effectively meet new home buyer needs. That’s a shame since 18% of home shoppers prefer new homes and 37% would consider one. Plus, new home prices exceed resale homes by 46%. So, new homes are a win-win. Chosen byContinue reading “Building Up New Homes On IRESis”

New Home Source Professional Simplifies Selling New Homes

Designed specifically for real estate agents, New Home Source Professional has the largest collection of new home listings available anywhere. Under the Search menu on IRESis, it allows you to directly search for and view builders’ inventory of new construction properties. New home sales are on the rise; in fact, the NAR expects new homeContinue reading “New Home Source Professional Simplifies Selling New Homes”