Boulder County FasTracks Update

The goal of RTD’s Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) was to determine transit priorities for the Northwest corridor, taking into consideration that conditions have changed since voters passed the FasTracks initiative in 2004. The results show that bus rapid transit (BRT) is a more realistic alternative to rail. Analysis indicates that by 2035 the railContinue reading “Boulder County FasTracks Update”

Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed

The 1st and Main transportation center construction will be delayed pending the outcome of the Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) being conducted by RTD. In October the City Council approved a FasTracks policy document asking RTD to consider a possible alternative to the Northwest Rail Corridor from Boulder to Longmont. The alternative alignment would beContinue reading “Longmont’s 1st and Main Project Delayed”

Boulder County RTD to Conduct Study

RTD announced it will conduct a $2 million study to evaluate mobility options in the northwest Denver-Boulder metropolitan area, including a potential extension of the North Line to Longmont and bus rapid transit (BRT) opportunities. The Northwest Area Mobility Study (NAMS) is designed to develop consensus among the agency, the Colorado Department of Transportation andContinue reading “Boulder County RTD to Conduct Study”