Longmont: Council Approves Main Street Station Partnership

The City Council agreed to share the risk and enter into a public-private partnership to build Phase 1 of the South Main Station development at 150 Main Street. The project will change the look and feel of Main Street by removing the old turkey plant and replacing it with a mixed-use development when it isContinue reading “Longmont: Council Approves Main Street Station Partnership”

Loveland: Council Begins Funding for South Catalyst Project

After a long discussion the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance on first reading to appropriate $6.25 million in general fund dollars to acquire property for the South Catalyst project. The proposed project, a partnership with the Michaels Development Company and Larimer County, is expected to result in a major redevelopment of the area betweenContinue reading “Loveland: Council Begins Funding for South Catalyst Project”