Longmont: Construction Defect Ordinance Debate

The Longmont City Council had a “pre-session” meeting on Jan. 12 during which supporters and opponents of construction defects legislation debated the issue. There was little time for questions and no public comments were allowed. Cherie Talbot of the Denver Metro Homebuilders Association told the Council that liability insurance for condominiums costs developers three timesContinue reading “Longmont: Construction Defect Ordinance Debate”

Races in which CARPAC made no endorsement

The reasons for not endorsing a candidate vary. In some cases it is because CARPAC did not see one candidate as clearly pro-REALTOR® over the other. Sometimes a lack of an endorsement is because of candidates’ lack of participation in CAR’s interview process. HD 12 Mike Foote-D vs. Russ Lyman-R (Longmont) HD 48* Stephen Humphreys-RContinue reading “Races in which CARPAC made no endorsement”