Colorado Senator Sponsors Bill to Help Consumers Who Select More Efficient Homes

Senators Michael Bennet and Johnny Isakson (GA) have reintroduced a bill — Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act (the SAVE Act) — that requires lenders to take a home’s energy savings into account when considering a loan applicant’s eligibility for federally backed mortgages. The bill enjoys support from a wide coalition of supporters ranging fromContinue reading “Colorado Senator Sponsors Bill to Help Consumers Who Select More Efficient Homes”

Buck Announces 2nd Bid for Colorado Senate

Ken Buck, who narrowly missed defeating Michael Bennet in 2012 will try for Senator Mark Udall’s seat in 2014. Buck became the Weld County (19th Judicial) District Attorney in 2004. He is currently serving his 3rd and final term in that office. Buck is a conservative Republican who considers himself aligned with the Tea PartyContinue reading “Buck Announces 2nd Bid for Colorado Senate”

Colorado Senator Sponsors SAVE Act

Senators Michael Bennet (D-CO) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA) reintroduced the SAVE Act earlier this month. The bill gained support from the National Association of Realtors and National Association of Home Builders, who helped to shape this revised bill. The SAVE Act would improve federal mortgage underwriting by including a home’s expected energy cost savings whenContinue reading “Colorado Senator Sponsors SAVE Act”

Bipartisan Effort to Ease Train Crossing Noise

Since 2005, when the Federal Railroad Administration said that trains at crossings had to give a longer, louder warning of their presence, residents have complained about the noise. Our local communities have been stymied by the cost of creating “quiet zones” at train crossings. In Longmont for example, there are 17 railroad crossings. The CityContinue reading “Bipartisan Effort to Ease Train Crossing Noise”