IRES – REcolorado Merger Update

Merger talks between IRES and REcolorado were ongoing throughout the end of last year and are in full swing, as we kick off 2018. As reported previously, discussions are focused on the details of the Binding Agreement to Merge, which was signed by IRES and REcolorado last year. In addition, merger documents are being reviewedContinue reading “IRES – REcolorado Merger Update”

Update to IRES Subscribers December 22, 2017

We wanted to update our customers before the end of the year regarding the merger discussions between IRES and REcolorado. You may recall we were targeting the end of the year to finalize and sign the merger documents, and although progress continues, merger documents are in the process of being reviewed by legal counsel forContinue reading “Update to IRES Subscribers December 22, 2017”

IRES & REcolorado Merger Agreement Questions & Answers

What is the next step for the REcolorado and IRES to merger to move forward? The next step is approval from Shareholder and Owner Boards.  Shareholders of REcolorado are Aurora Association of REALTORS®, Denver Metro Association of REALTORS®, and South Metro Denver REALTOR® Association. The owners of IRES Boulder Area REALTOR® Association, Fort Collins Board ofContinue reading “IRES & REcolorado Merger Agreement Questions & Answers”