Boulder: Council Postpones Head Tax Ballot Issue

The Boulder City Council decided it was too late to put an occupational privilege (employee tax) on the November ballot. Mayor Matt Appelbaum instigated the proposal. The tax, at a rate of somewhere between $2 and $5 per month, would have been imposed on all employees in the city, though exemptions would have been madeContinue reading “Boulder: Council Postpones Head Tax Ballot Issue”

Boulder: City to Eliminate Vehicle Lanes to Encourage Biking

A plan to remove vehicle lanes to allow for wider bike lanes will move forward on three major streets: Folsom Street, Iris Avenue and 63rd Street. Supporters say it will reduce car accidents and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the street, as well as provide wider bike lanes and buffers for cyclists. TheyContinue reading “Boulder: City to Eliminate Vehicle Lanes to Encourage Biking”

Boulder: One More Affordable Housing Fee

The Boulder City Council unanimously approved an ordinance implementing linkage fees (approximately $2 to $9 PSF depending on type of use) for new commercial development to pay for affordable housing. The fees will be phased in and will not apply to projects that have already been submitted. Mayor Matt Appelbaum said, “I don’t think thereContinue reading “Boulder: One More Affordable Housing Fee”