Loveland: Council Discusses Affordable Housing

The City Council talked about affordable housing at its July 12 study session. Unfortunately, the discussion did not get very specific because a wide variety of topics were brought up, including how to address homelessness.  However, the Council did finally determine it is willing to consider repealing the current affordable housing code (Municipal Code Ch.Continue reading “Loveland: Council Discusses Affordable Housing”

Loveland: Low Income Housing Project to Receive Face Lift

An affiliate of GHC Housing Partners (“GHC”) is under contract to purchase the 130-unit Maple Terrace Apartments on E. 23rd Street in Loveland. GHC specializes in acquiring and owning rental housing with project-based Section 8 contracts, low-income housing tax credits, and affordability rent restrictions. The Loveland Housing Authority will issue a $14 million revenue noteContinue reading “Loveland: Low Income Housing Project to Receive Face Lift”

Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy

The City Council has waived over a half a million dollars in development fees in the last year and apparently some Councilors aren’t feeling that the City is getting a return on its investment. John Fogle, in particular, made pointed comments about the Giuliano project, which has received over $2 million worth of waivers andContinue reading “Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy”