Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy

The City Council has waived over a half a million dollars in development fees in the last year and apparently some Councilors aren’t feeling that the City is getting a return on its investment. John Fogle, in particular, made pointed comments about the Giuliano project, which has received over $2 million worth of waivers andContinue reading “Loveland: Council Wants to Revise Affordable Housing Policy”

Loveland: Council Delays Food Tax Vote

The City Council made a wise decision when it voted 7-2 to delay a vote that would eliminate the city food tax in two years. Based on current estimates of sales of food for home consumption, the tax equals approximately $6 million, or 8 percent of the City’s general fund revenue each year. Staff estimatesContinue reading “Loveland: Council Delays Food Tax Vote”

Loveland: Council Approves New Development Center

On March 3 the City Council approved a supplemental appropriation on first reading for a remodeling project in the Fire & Administration Building (FAB) for a development center. Using vacant space, the remodel will move the Development Center to the FAB, which will create a centralized one-stop shop for customers of development services (planning andContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves New Development Center”

Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority

If the State approves the grant application submitted by Go NoCO (see below) Loveland could get three new projects designed to generate more tourism:  1) Waterpark Hotel: a 300-room hotel, with an indoor-outdoor water park, a family entertainment center, spa and 40,000 square feet of meeting space with an estimated cost of $138.3 million; 2) Whitewater/KayakContinue reading “Loveland: City Council Supports Regional Tourism Authority”

Loveland: REALTORS Support Downtown Development Authority

The Board of Directors of Loveland Berthoud Association of REALTORS voted unanimously to support the creation of a downtown development authority (DDA) in Loveland. In addition, the Board approved the use of local issues mobilization funds to provide a campaign donation to ” Yes to Downtown Loveland,” the committee advocating on behalf of the DDAContinue reading “Loveland: REALTORS Support Downtown Development Authority”

Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application

The City Council approved an ordinance that provides $175,000 in funding for consultants to develop the application for the Regional Tourism Authority to the State Economic Development Commission. The funding will be used to hire consultants to complete a Northern Colorado Regional Tourism Act application for the Council’s consideration. The Regional Tourism Act (RTA) wasContinue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Tourism Authority Application”

Loveland: Council Begins Funding for South Catalyst Project

After a long discussion the City Council unanimously approved an ordinance on first reading to appropriate $6.25 million in general fund dollars to acquire property for the South Catalyst project. The proposed project, a partnership with the Michaels Development Company and Larimer County, is expected to result in a major redevelopment of the area betweenContinue reading “Loveland: Council Begins Funding for South Catalyst Project”

Loveland Council Retains Pro-Business Majority

With the election of Troy Krenning this November, the pro-business faction of the Loveland City Council retains its 1-person majority. Candidates endorsed by the Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS were successful with the exception of Daryle Klassen, who failed to unseat incumbent Mayor Cecil Gutierrez. However, with Chauncey Taylor, Hugh McKean, John Fogle, Dave Clark andContinue reading “Loveland Council Retains Pro-Business Majority”

Grant for I-25 Requires Consensus

CDOT just approved a $35 million dollar RAMP (Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnership) grant to improve and expand I-25. The grant is an important step, without which the expansion of the highway north of Longmont won’t begin until 2075. The RAMP concept is an important change to CDOT’s philosophy. Under RAMP, CDOT funds multi-yearContinue reading “Grant for I-25 Requires Consensus”

Loveland Council Approves Sprinkler Task Force

After a presentation on residential fire suppression sprinklers the City Council gave Fire Chief Randy Mirowski permission to create a group to study the feasibility of requiring sprinklers in new residential construction. The Council asked a lot of good questions. For example, Daryle Klassen wondered why Loveland would require sprinklers in new homes if olderContinue reading “Loveland Council Approves Sprinkler Task Force”