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Longmont: Composting on the Ballot

Mayor Dennis wants to put the proposal for mandatory curbside composting on the November ballot. Apparently he feels that the majority of citizens support the idea. After a quick, but intense discussion at a recent Council meeting, Coombs agreed to stick with the initial plan. Staff will provide information on composting options no later than… Continue reading Longmont: Composting on the Ballot

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Longmont: What does Hickenlooper’s Compromise mean to Longmont?

Longmont Mayor Pro Tem Brian Bagley’s presence at the Governor’s announcement concerning the compromise deal that removes two potentially devastating oil and gas ballot measures was not coincidental (see more, below). Assuming the deal moves forward, as it now appears it will, the City can stop spending time and money (rumored to be over $500,000)… Continue reading Longmont: What does Hickenlooper’s Compromise mean to Longmont?

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Santos Will Run Again in Longmont

Longmont Mayor Pro tem Gabe Santos stopped by LAR recently to announce his candidacy for City Council. Santos first came to the Council in January 2008. "I'm happy with the council that is currently seated and believe there's still a lot of work that needs to be done," Santos said. In discussing the court cases… Continue reading Santos Will Run Again in Longmont