Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?

At a study session on August 19th the City Council considered the scarcity of rental housing and the issue of affordability in general. The big question, which remains unanswered, is how to pay for it? Ironically, during the same meeting, staff noted that the City still has a $1.7 million dollar budget gap, even thoughContinue reading “Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?”

Longmont: Council Adds Streets Tax to Ballot

The City Council voted unanimously to place a measure on the November 4th ballot asking voters to approve a 10-year extension of the three-quarter cent sales tax for street maintenance and improvement. The longer time frame will allow for planning and coordination with other government entities such as CDOT. If approved, the tax will beContinue reading “Longmont: Council Adds Streets Tax to Ballot”