Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?

At a study session on August 19th the City Council considered the scarcity of rental housing and the issue of affordability in general. The big question, which remains unanswered, is how to pay for it? Ironically, during the same meeting, staff noted that the City still has a $1.7 million dollar budget gap, even thoughContinue reading “Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?”

Coombs Announces Bid for Second Term in Longmont

Mayor Dennis Coombs announced his re-election bid. He said some of the main issues facing the council now are the rollout of Longmont’s fiber network and considering the options presented by the city’s affordable housing task force. Note: It’s interesting that Coombs feels the work force housing task force’s recommendations are top priority. Compare hisContinue reading “Coombs Announces Bid for Second Term in Longmont”

Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing

The Work Force Housing Task Force formed after the repeal of inclusionary zoning finally finished its work and provided the City Council with a report full of recommendations. The most significant item on the list was a new sales (0.07 percent) or property tax (0.95 mills) that would raise $1 million a year for affordableContinue reading “Longmont Task Force Recommends Tax for Housing”