Fort Collins City Council Election Results in Little Change

Four seats were available in the April 2 municipal election. The business-minded Council contingent now includes Mayor Karen Weitkunat, who easily won a second term with 70 percent of the votes, Wade Troxell and newcomer Gino Campana. The environment/social/liberal faction lost Kelly Ohlson and Ben Manvel to term limits. However, Bob Overbeck’s victory over ButchContinue reading “Fort Collins City Council Election Results in Little Change”

Fort Collins Council Votes 4-3 to Proceed with Home Size Limits

The Fort Collins City Council voted to proceed with Option A, which includes revised Floor Area Ratio (FAR) limits and a package of other less egregious design guidelines, in the latest proposal to protect neighborhood compatibility in the Eastside and Westside neighborhoods. During the discussion Council members frequently referred to homes that were selected asContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Votes 4-3 to Proceed with Home Size Limits”

Neighborhood Compatibility Issues Postponed by Ethics Question

The City Council began another earnest debate on Feb. 12th concerning the use the floor area ratio (FAR) as a tool to limit “monster homes” in the Eastside and Westside neighborhoods. Mayor pro tem Kelly Ohlson, who has always been an advocate of limiting FAR, said the latest proposal has “dramatically reduced” the effectiveness ofContinue reading “Neighborhood Compatibility Issues Postponed by Ethics Question”

Fort Collins Council Discusses Neighborhood Character Regulations

On November 27th the City Council had its first chance to provide input on a report focused on the Eastside-Westside neighborhoods and the latest recommendations intended to preserve neighborhood character. City staff and consultants hoped to move forward quickly with some simple ideas such as expanding the notification area (when a property owner intends toContinue reading “Fort Collins Council Discusses Neighborhood Character Regulations”