Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee

Earlier this month the Boulder City Council voted to increase the affordable housing linkage fee for new developments. The linkage fee, which charges new commercial developments to offset their impact on the City’s housing market, was first implemented in 2011. The per square foot fee varies depending on the type of business. Staff and consultantsContinue reading “Boulder: Council Increases Housing Linkage Fee”

Boulder: Linkage Fee is Official

As of September 7th new commercial projects will pay a per square foot linkage fee to augment the City’s affordable housing fund. The fees will be phased in from 25 percent on June 7 to 100 percent in June of 2016. For example, the fee for a new office will cost $2.38 PSF when theContinue reading “Boulder: Linkage Fee is Official”

Boulder: Linkage Fee Phasing Source of Debate

The City Council recently discussed the timeline for adding linkage fees to new commercial projects to help fund affordable housing. Fees are typically applied when a developer applies for building permits, but what about projects that have already been through the site review process? Should they be charged the linkage fees – which could amountContinue reading “Boulder: Linkage Fee Phasing Source of Debate”

Boulder: City Expands Use of Linkage Fee

In 2010 City voters denied a ballot question asking for approval to increase the affordable housing excise tax. The excise tax is $.51 per square foot of space (PSF) of nonresidential and .23 PSF for residential projects. Residential and nonresidential developments are also charged impact fees, For example, the developer of an office park paysContinue reading “Boulder: City Expands Use of Linkage Fee”

Boulder: Council Discusses Affordable Housing Linkage Fee

Does commercial development contribute to the housing demand more than other sectors of the economy?  How will a linkage fee affect commercial lease rates? The City Council should look at a more comprehensive approach. The affordable “horse” got out of the Boulder barn a long time ago.