Boulder: Anti-growth Measures Defeated

Ballot questions 300 and 301 lost decisively in yesterday’s election. This is an important victory for moderation in Boulder. Question 300 would have allowed neighborhoods the right to vote on land use regulation changes. Question 301, dubbed the “Development Shall Pay Its Own Way” measure, would have imposed greater impact fees on development within theContinue reading “Boulder: Anti-growth Measures Defeated”

Boulder: Council Postpones Head Tax Ballot Issue

The Boulder City Council decided it was too late to put an occupational privilege (employee tax) on the November ballot. Mayor Matt Appelbaum instigated the proposal. The tax, at a rate of somewhere between $2 and $5 per month, would have been imposed on all employees in the city, though exemptions would have been madeContinue reading “Boulder: Council Postpones Head Tax Ballot Issue”

Supreme Court Case Could Impact Land Use Regulations

In a decision that may affect a wide range of land-use regulations, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a Central Florida property owner was unfairly required to compensate for the proposed destruction of some wetlands on his land nearly two decades ago. The case involves a 15-acre tract in east Orange County owned by the estateContinue reading “Supreme Court Case Could Impact Land Use Regulations”