Longmont: Council to Consider Changes to ADU Regulations

The City Council directed staff to work on revisions to the Land Use Code related to accessory dwelling units (ADUs). ADUs, are allowed as an accessory use to an existing single family home if the owner can meet certain development standards.  One of the most difficult standards to meet relates to density. Often a proposedContinue reading “Longmont: Council to Consider Changes to ADU Regulations”

Fort Collins: Short-Term Rentals Ordinance Passes First Reading

After months of outreach, the City of Fort Collins unanimously passed two short-term rental (STR) ordinances on first reading. One ordinance amends the Land Use Code and limits primary STRs (owner-occupied) units to 20 zones that allow small (six bedrooms or less) hotels or B&Bs. Non-primary (not owner occupied) STRs will be allowed 13 zonesContinue reading “Fort Collins: Short-Term Rentals Ordinance Passes First Reading”

Loveland: Land Use Code Streamlined

On Jan. 19 the City Council approved updates and revisions to the Land Use Code. The changes establish a common framework for the review of development applications. The framework provides a clear and standardized approach that can be adjusted to accommodate variations based on project size, complexity and site conditions. These procedural additions reflect practicesContinue reading “Loveland: Land Use Code Streamlined”

Larimer: Expect Changes To Flood Plain Maps

In the wake of the devastating September 2013 flood Larimer County officials want to review the County’s flood plain maps. In some cases rivers moved and/or created new channels, for example. FEMA does not require periodic review of flood plain maps but local governments often begin the process by making the request of State andContinue reading “Larimer: Expect Changes To Flood Plain Maps”

City Council Supports Stricter Standards for Multifamily Housing

A majority of the Fort Collins City Council supports a list of possible Land Use Code amendments designed to reduce adverse impacts of student/multifamily housing projects adjacent to single-family neighborhoods. Staff is proposing a phrased approach to deal with concerns raised by neighborhood residents. The Land Use Code amendments will tackle neighborhood compatibility, density andContinue reading “City Council Supports Stricter Standards for Multifamily Housing”