Legislative Update

HB 1260 “Wildfire Tax Credit” CAR Position: Support This bill was amended because of its fiscal note. Instead, the amended version would give property owners double deductions for wildfire mitigation efforts. HB 1348 “Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act” CAR Position: Oppose This bill is cosponsored by many Northern Colorado legislators and seems likely to pass. TheContinue reading “Legislative Update”

CAR: Legislative Update

Senate Bill-177 “Construction Defects” CAR Position: Support. CAR staff had hoped to see the bill move forward by now. Although it was introduced on Feb. 10 it hasn’t been scheduled for its first hearing on the Senate side because the Speaker of the House, Dickie Lee Hullinghorst opposes it. http://www.denverpost.com/Opinion Negotiations continue but there’s noContinue reading “CAR: Legislative Update”