Longmont: Most Flood Money For Repair and Replacement

Kathy Fedler, serving as the City’s CDBG Disaster Recovery Manager, presented an update on how the City has used HUD disaster relief funding following the 2013 flood. In total, the City has received $2.6 million. A majority of the money has been used for home repair or replacement costs, including the purchase of replacement mobileContinue reading “Longmont: Most Flood Money For Repair and Replacement”

Longmont: 520 Affordable Rental Units in the Pipeline

According to Kathy Fedler, Longmont’s Housing and Community Investment Manager, several public and private sector home builders were successful in submitting and receiving HUD Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief (CDBG-DR) funding directly from the State to build affordable housing in Longmont. When completed, these projects will add 520 affordable rental units to the community.Continue reading “Longmont: 520 Affordable Rental Units in the Pipeline”