Public School Funding in Colorado

  Unfortunately, like most key issues, K-12 funding has become partisan. Often it comes down to a debate centered on whether more funding creates better schools. I want to avoid that particular topic here. It is clear from the November ballot that our school districts believe they need more money to provide a quality education.Continue reading “Public School Funding in Colorado”

Greeley: GARA Supports 3A

GARA’s Board of Directors voted to support a proposed 10.34 mill levy override (MLO) which will appear on the November ballot as ballot measure 3A. If it passes, it would give the Greeley-Evans School District 6 $12 million a year for seven years. This equates to an additional $540 per student, per year. District 6Continue reading “Greeley: GARA Supports 3A”

Amendment 66 Goes Down in Flames

The latest plan to fix Colorado K-12 education lost badly at the polls. 66 percent of Colorado voters said no to Amendment 66. By the way, the measure was approved by voters in Boulder and Denver counties (52 to 47 percent). At a fundamental level the failure of the measure can be attributed to voters’Continue reading “Amendment 66 Goes Down in Flames”