Region: NoCo Housing Now Construction Defects Forum

NoCo Housing Now, the housing affordability advocacy group created by FCBR, held a forum on November 14 to discuss construction defects reform with members of the Colorado General Assembly. Although all legislators from Larimer and Weld Counties were invited, only three attended: Representatives Perry Buck (Windsor/Larimer County) and JoAnn Ginal (Fort Collins) and Senator JohnContinue reading “Region: NoCo Housing Now Construction Defects Forum”


Legislative Update: At its most recent meeting, the Legislative Policy Committee took the following positions: HB-1174, HB-1177 and HB-1189, a package of bills intended to increase exemptions for business personal property tax: Position – SUPPORT. HB-1225 “Homeowners Insurance Reform” sponsored by Claire Levy (Boulder) and John Kefalas (Fort Collins). This bill is meant to protectContinue reading “COLORADO ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®”

Colorado Legislative Session Opens Jan. 9

The 2013 legislative session promises to be interesting, observers say, but not necessarily in a good way for business groups such as the REALTORS®. With a new Speaker of the House and a new Senate President, the leadership has changed and REALTOR®-friendly legislators such as Rep. Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) lost their seats on powerful committeesContinue reading “Colorado Legislative Session Opens Jan. 9”

Races in which CARPAC made no endorsement

The reasons for not endorsing a candidate vary. In some cases it is because CARPAC did not see one candidate as clearly pro-REALTOR® over the other. Sometimes a lack of an endorsement is because of candidates’ lack of participation in CAR’s interview process. HD 12 Mike Foote-D vs. Russ Lyman-R (Longmont) HD 48* Stephen Humphreys-RContinue reading “Races in which CARPAC made no endorsement”