Greeley: Road Tax Outperforming Expectations

Staff calculated the.65 percent Keep Greeley Moving tax passed by the voters in 2015 would generate $9.4 million in 2016. This, combined with $2.6 million from Food Tax revenue provide roughly $12 million annually for street projects. In fact, Greeley’s economy outperformed expectations, thus the 2016 revenue will be higher than $9.4 million when theContinue reading “Greeley: Road Tax Outperforming Expectations”

Greeley Council Supports Colorado Clean Water Compact

The City Council passed a resolution in support of the Colorado Clean Water Compact, joining a coalition of local governments, that include Weld County and Loveland, that oppose the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s initiative to impose new and expensive regulations concerning stormwater control. Joel Hemesath, Greeley’s Public Works Director, said the move while symbolic forContinue reading “Greeley Council Supports Colorado Clean Water Compact”