$94.7 billion Fiscal Year 2016 Budget for Transportation

President Obama’s latest budget proposal would make critical investments in infrastructure to promote long-term economic growth, enhance safety and efficiency. Secretary of Transportation Foxx lobbied recently for the President, saying “Our budget proposal lays the foundation for a future where our transportation infrastructure meets the demands of a growing population and an economy that depends onContinue reading “$94.7 billion Fiscal Year 2016 Budget for Transportation”

Unlikely Duo Introduces Transportation Bill

Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) are introducing a transportation funding bill they say could bring back up to $2 trillion in corporate tax revenue currently in foreign banks to help pay for U.S. infrastructure projects. They said the measure would also extend federal transportation programs that are currently scheduled to expire inContinue reading “Unlikely Duo Introduces Transportation Bill”

Presidential Candidates Differ on REALTOR Issues

NAR does not endorse a presidential candidate, but REALTORS® obviously want to know where the candidates stand on real estate issues. A recent interview in REALTOR® magazine sheds light on their positions. Below you’ll find a summary of both candidates’ answers to important questions that focus on REALTOR® issues. Home Ownership Incentives The federal governmentContinue reading “Presidential Candidates Differ on REALTOR Issues”