Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options

At the last I-25 Elected Officials Coalition meeting, the group agreed to support a list of State level I-25 funding options promoted by Weld County Commissioners Barbara Kirkmeyer and Sean Conway. TRANS bond funding (such as the proposal initiated by NCLA during the last legislative session). A general fund allocation for transportation. Legislation to reviseContinue reading “Elected Officials Agree on List of Highway Funding Options”

Could Infrastructure Tax Credit Pay For I-25

At a transportation summit organized by the Weld County Commissioners, Washington DC consultants suggested that a state infrastructure tax credit should be one part of Colorado’s “ultimate solution.” The credit is modeled after the Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit and would create new sources of private financing without debt. Steve Gordon, a former fundraiserContinue reading “Could Infrastructure Tax Credit Pay For I-25”