Introducing: ShowingTime MarketStats

DATA TOOLS TO ANALYZE LOCAL TRENDS QUICKLY We’re thrilled to announce that IRES has partnered with ShowingTime to provide you with elegant and easy-to-use stats in a new suite of market reports and interactive tools called MarketStats, which includes FastStats, Local Market Updates, Monthly Indicators and an Annual Report to go along with two productsContinue reading “Introducing: ShowingTime MarketStats”

Dishin Up Statistics

IRES serves its statistics in three fun flavors: take-out, pre-packaged, or home-cooked.  The take-out and pre-packaged stats require little to no work, but you must select from our menu.  The creative recipes are custom, allowing you to choose your ingredients.  Click Reports > Stat-Sales to view some options. Let’s order take-out:      IRES serves up statisticsContinue reading “Dishin Up Statistics”

Free Website Hooks: Be The Industry Expert

Referring potential clients to your website is a great way to connect. But what will they find when they get there? Will they be convinced to do business with you?  It’s more important than ever to offer a rich tool set on your website that presents you as the real estate expert and empowers consumersContinue reading “Free Website Hooks: Be The Industry Expert”

Shine With InfoSparks

InfoSparks creates fabulous statistics for any location you need including city, zip code, county or map shape. Choose your criteria then quickly create 10 different reports covering a broad range of needs. The reports included will blow your mind:  New Listings, Actives, Under Contract, Sales, Days on Market… wait for it, there’s more… Months Supply,Continue reading “Shine With InfoSparks”

Dazzling Data From InfoSparks

Before you purchase additional software to create great looking statistical reports for your clients, check out InfoSparks. This program has an amazing ability to tell a story and allows you to easily share that story. And it’s included in your IRES fees. For instance, in the graph below we have compared housing prices in aContinue reading “Dazzling Data From InfoSparks”

2015 In The Rearview Mirror

2015 was a year of new challenges. Without doubt, our industry is in the midst of internal and external quakes and shakes. However, IRES worked tirelessly to keep our focus on serving you, our customers. To what avail? To keep online marketing opportunities open and give brokers decision making power over their listings, we agreedContinue reading “2015 In The Rearview Mirror”

InfoSparks: Transforming Statistics Into Stories

“What’s the market like?” It’s a question that every broker and appraiser hears on a daily basis and also a question that can be extremely hard to answer. Real estate professionals and consumers alike are bombarded with data points that lack relevancy for their particular market and are frequently based on inaccurate data. To compoundContinue reading “InfoSparks: Transforming Statistics Into Stories”

Breathe Life Into Data: Introducing “InfoSparks”

IRES is very excited to launch InfoSparks, a brand new state-of-the-art statistics tool! Found under the Reports menu on IRESis this fantastic application not only allows you to run stats for a certain area but also gives you the ability to: Compare up to four areas at a time Filter search results by housing variablesContinue reading “Breathe Life Into Data: Introducing “InfoSparks””