Longmont: Motion to Reconsider Inclusionary Zoning Fails

At the beginning of the April 4th City Council meeting, Council member Polly Christensen made a motion to direct the City Manager to add a discussion of inclusionary zoning – requiring builders to deed restrict a portion of new development and dedicate it affordable housing — to a future agenda. She claimed the Work ForceContinue reading “Longmont: Motion to Reconsider Inclusionary Zoning Fails”

Boulder: Council Pushing for Middle Income Affordable Housing

The Boulder City Council reviewed a variety of regulatory tools and incentives to create middle-income deed restricted affordable housing units. Although the plan is not fully developed, at a recent study session the Council agreed its major goal is to increase the City’s inclusionary zoning requirement from 20 to 25 percent for new housing developments.Continue reading “Boulder: Council Pushing for Middle Income Affordable Housing”

Boulder: City Planning Amendments to Inclusionary Housing

Recently City of Boulder staff provided the City Council with an assessment of the City’s Inclusionary Housing Program, which has been in existence since 2000. At that time the share of permanently affordable (deed-restricted) housing was 3.1 percent (1,270 units). Now it is 7.3 percent (3,319 units). The City’s goal is to make 10 percentContinue reading “Boulder: City Planning Amendments to Inclusionary Housing”

Fort Collins: City Unveils Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

As a proportion, the City of Fort Collins has added more affordable housing units to its building stock than market rate units since 1999. This means the City has consistently provided more affordable housing options for its citizens during the past 15 years. Despite this increase in affordable housing, many in the community struggle toContinue reading “Fort Collins: City Unveils Affordable Housing Strategic Plan”

Boulder: Legislators Don’t Support Construction Defects Bill

A delegation of BARA and LAR members had the opportunity to observe and participate in lobbying for SB-177 (HOA construction defects) on April 2 at the legislature. The group met with Senators Rollie Heath (Boulder), Matt Jones (Lafayette) and Representative Jonathan Singer (Longmont). Senator Rollie Heath, a retired attorney who had worked for the JohnsContinue reading “Boulder: Legislators Don’t Support Construction Defects Bill”

Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?

At a study session on August 19th the City Council considered the scarcity of rental housing and the issue of affordability in general. The big question, which remains unanswered, is how to pay for it? Ironically, during the same meeting, staff noted that the City still has a $1.7 million dollar budget gap, even thoughContinue reading “Should Longmont Create More Affordable Housing?”

Denver’s Failed Affordable Housing Program

According to a recent editorial in the Denver Post, the City’s “affordable housing ordinance has been a failure…. In the past five years, for example, it has resulted in only 16 affordable units being built.” Twelve years ago Denver approved an inclusionary zoning ordinance (similar to the ordinance that was revoked in Longmont a fewContinue reading “Denver’s Failed Affordable Housing Program”

Longmont Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations

On May 21 the Work Force Housing Task Force (Task Force) will present its recommendations to the City Council. The Task Force was convened in January 2012 to study the future of affordable housing in Longmont in light of the Council’s repeal of the inclusionary zoning program. In addition to lengthy meetings, the Task ForceContinue reading “Longmont Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations”

Opinions Needed on City of Longmont Survey

The Affordable Housing Task Force is conducting a survey to assess the importance of affordable housing as a community value. The task force was created to consider the future of affordable housing after the City Council voted to repeal the inclusionary zoning (deed restricted) ordinance. It is important LAR members participate in the survey. LongmontContinue reading “Opinions Needed on City of Longmont Survey”