Free Website Hooks: Be The Industry Expert

Referring potential clients to your website is a great way to connect. But what will they find when they get there? Will they be convinced to do business with you?  It’s more important than ever to offer a rich tool set on your website that presents you as the real estate expert and empowers consumersContinue reading “Free Website Hooks: Be The Industry Expert”

IDX: Listings On Your Website

“How do I get IDX?” We hear this question quite often, so let’s review your options. What is IDX?  It’s an acronym for Internet Data Exchange, which allows brokers to display listings from the MLS on their web site. Based on your budget, IDX can be a no-cost venture or a significant investment. The Easy,Continue reading “IDX: Listings On Your Website”

Your IDX Options

“I need IDX. How do I get it?”  We hear this question quite often at IRES, so let’s do a quick break down of your options, and the pros and cons of each. IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows agents to display MLS listings on their website, which generates leads as consumers search the market onContinue reading “Your IDX Options”