Legislative Update

CAR has launched a Call to Action on Senate Bill 177 “HOA Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines” aka construction defects. This is the same bill CAR supported last year and the LPC voted to support this year’s bill with little discussion. SB-177 was introduced on Feb. 10th and assigned to the Business, Labor and TechnologyContinue reading “Legislative Update”

Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) Back at Work

So far 379 bills have been introduced during the 2015 legislative session. CAR’s LPC has been busy reviewing bills that relate to the real estate industry and homeownership. Here’s a summary of some of the more interesting bills and the LPC’s positions: HB-1057 Statewide Initiative Ballot Process – LPC Position – Support. Sponsored by Rep.Continue reading “Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) Back at Work”

CAR Will Become Stakeholder in Home Inspector Legislation

The Legislative Policy Committee determined that CAR should be a stakeholder in the effort to license home inspectors but not the primary group pushing for the measure. According to CAR President David Barber, Senator Nancy Spence has already agreed to sponsor the bill; now a House sponsor will be sought. In the upcoming 2015 session,Continue reading “CAR Will Become Stakeholder in Home Inspector Legislation”

DORA Recommends Licensing of Home Inspectors

After a sunrise review this year, the Department of Regulatory Agencies has concluded that home inspectors, like other professionals involved in real estate transactions, should be licensed. The report included examples of consumers harmed by the conduct of home inspectors in the past, some of whom engaged in criminal activities in the course of conductingContinue reading “DORA Recommends Licensing of Home Inspectors”