House Passes Gas Tax Patch

The House of Representatives passed a two-month extension of federal transportation funding, delivering a victory to Democrats who have long preferred a shorter extension. The Measure is intended to prevent an interruption in the nation’s infrastructure funding that is currently scheduled to begin on May 31. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is also movingContinue reading “House Passes Gas Tax Patch”

Colo. Senator Cosponsors Repatriation Bill

Senator Cory Gardner is co-sponsoring legislation to tax up to $2 trillion in corporate revenue that is currently stored in foreign banks to pay for domestic infrastructure projects.  S. 981, the Invest in Transportation Act of 2015 sponsored by Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) would offer companies a 6.5 percent tax rateContinue reading “Colo. Senator Cosponsors Repatriation Bill”

Repatriation Highway Funding Bill Finally Introduced

Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced S. 981, the Invest in Transportation Act of 2015, which would tax up to $2 trillion in corporate revenue currently stored abroad to pay for domestic infrastructure projects. Specifically, the legislation would offer companies a rate of 6.5-percent for voluntarily repatriating their offshore cash to theContinue reading “Repatriation Highway Funding Bill Finally Introduced”

Poll Finds Anemic Gas Tax Support

A new poll finds the American public is divided over how to address the Highway Trust Fund shortfall – none of the options polled won majority support, and several have strong opposition. Of the four options – boost the gas tax, let private-sector companies build infrastructure and charge tolls, turn funding decisions back to theContinue reading “Poll Finds Anemic Gas Tax Support”

Houses Passes Short-term Extension of Highway Trust Fund

The House easily passed a ten-month Highway Trust Fund patch yesterday on a lopsided vote, and with just over two weeks until DOT has to cut payments to states, the fate of fund now lies with the Senate. Across the Capitol, just hours before the House voted 367-55 for the bill, Senate Majority Leader HarryContinue reading “Houses Passes Short-term Extension of Highway Trust Fund”

Gas Tax Funding Could Be Delayed

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has written all the state DOTs (departments of transportation) to warn them that it will have to delay highway funding reimbursements if Congress doesn’t act to shore up the Highway Trust Fund (HTF), soon. A federal tax on gasoline and other fuels is the primary revenue source for the HTF. TheContinue reading “Gas Tax Funding Could Be Delayed”

Bennet Sponsors Infrastructure Bill

In May of 2013, Congressman John Delaney introduced the Partnership to Build America Act (H.R. 2084). The Partnership to Build America Act finances $750 billion dollar in infrastructure investment using no appropriated funds and has 63 co-sponsors (32 Republicans and 31 Democrats) in the House. Senators Michael Bennet (CO) and Roy Blunt (MO)introduced the legislationContinue reading “Bennet Sponsors Infrastructure Bill”