Region: Business Coalition Continues Transportation Lobbying Effort

Have you seen the new climbing lane on southbound I-25 near Berthoud? Sometime next year CDOT will begin work on the $237 million Phase One project, adding a new managed lane in each direction from Fort Collins to south of Loveland. These are tangible results of Fix North I-25’s advocacy efforts to date. But we’reContinue reading “Region: Business Coalition Continues Transportation Lobbying Effort”

I-25 Expansion Jeopardized by Politics?

As previously reported, there is an opportunity for Northern Colorado to receive a $1.43 million grant to begin the expansion of I-25 north of Highway 66. But the project CDOT has suggested has run into opposition from Weld County and some of its communities that adjoin the highway.   They don’t support the plan toContinue reading “I-25 Expansion Jeopardized by Politics?”

New Idea Proposed for I-25

A recent meeting intended to create a business coalition to support the RAMP proposal to expand I-25 became a platform for elected officials from Weld County to lobby for a new idea. Weld County and some of its municipalities don’t support the RAMP proposal, saying it would be unfair to their constituents to turn anContinue reading “New Idea Proposed for I-25”