Region: North I-25 Update

The Berthoud Hill southbound climbing lane is complete (it will be repaved and smoothed this spring), Crossroads is underway and CDOT is preparing to hire a contractor for the Phase 1 project, which will add one express toll lane in each direction between Highway 14 and Highway 402. It is anticipated the project will getContinue reading “Region: North I-25 Update”

Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Fix North I-25 Coalition

The Loveland City Council approves a funding request from the Fix North I-25 Coalition in the amount of $20,000. So far, the Coalition (led by David May, CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber and me) has been very successful in increasing awareness and support for the expansion of North I-25 (Highway 14 to Colorado 66),Continue reading “Loveland: Council Approves Funding for Fix North I-25 Coalition”

Grant for I-25 Requires Consensus

CDOT just approved a $35 million dollar RAMP (Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnership) grant to improve and expand I-25. The grant is an important step, without which the expansion of the highway north of Longmont won’t begin until 2075. The RAMP concept is an important change to CDOT’s philosophy. Under RAMP, CDOT funds multi-yearContinue reading “Grant for I-25 Requires Consensus”