Berthoud: Heron Pointe Opponents Foiled Again

The group calling itself Heron Pointe Neighbors had its petition rejected by the Town of Berthoud for the second time. The group collected signatures from Berthoud residents hoping to force a new vote on the annexation of the Heron Pointe property but did not submit enough valid signatures. The 76-acre property is located on theContinue reading “Berthoud: Heron Pointe Opponents Foiled Again”

Berthoud: Town Experiencing More Growing Pains

The Town of Berthoud just held its first public meeting concerning the 184-acre Bader property, west of Taft/LCR 17 and bisected by US 287. The property was annexed into Berthoud in 2007 and rezoned to Planned Unit Development with a maximum density of 562 dwelling units (3.5 per acre) and 419,000 SF of commercial space.Continue reading “Berthoud: Town Experiencing More Growing Pains”

Berthoud: Annexation Hearing Delayed

The annexation hearing for a 75-acre parcel known as Heron Pointe on the south side of SW 42nd Street (LCR 14) was postponed by the Town of Berthoud due to a procedural snafu. Some area residents have expressed concerns about the plans, requesting the denial of the annexation because of strains on area infrastructure, increasedContinue reading “Berthoud: Annexation Hearing Delayed”