Longmont: City to Regulate Home Marijuana Grows

The City Council hasn’t decided if it wants to lift the ban on pot shops in Longmont since Council member Jeff Moore was absent from last week’s meeting. However, the Council did accept staff’s recommendation to regulate residential marijuana grows. City Manager Harold Dominguez said the staff fields regular complaints, primarily regarding smells. When ColoradoContinue reading “Longmont: City to Regulate Home Marijuana Grows”

Longmont: City, LAEC Partner to Advance Longmont

At a recent LAEC breakfast, the economic development organization and the City unveiled a new plan to expand business opportunities in Longmont. Advance Longmont will focus on marketing, real estate inventory, redevelopment and putting resources in play to bolster entrepreneurship and startups. The plan was devised from the results of a study and analysis conductedContinue reading “Longmont: City, LAEC Partner to Advance Longmont”

Longmont Council Moves Forward With Mall Service Plan

Last August the City Council passed a resolution approving a skeletal service plan for the Twin Peaks Metropolitan District. The skeletal service plan allowed the developer to submit a plan to create a special district but precluded the proposed district from engaging in any activities except for those defined as minimally administrative or ministerial activitiesContinue reading “Longmont Council Moves Forward With Mall Service Plan”

Use of Eminent Domain Possible but Unlikely in Longmont

The City Council could use its condemnation powers to force Dillard to sell its property in the Twin Peaks Mall but that is the last resort. Thanks to the work of City Manager Harold Dominguez and Economic Development Director Brad Power, who are facilitating an agreement between New Mark Merrill Mountain States and Dillard’s andContinue reading “Use of Eminent Domain Possible but Unlikely in Longmont”