Berthoud Town Revising Comprehensive Plan

Berthoud is in the process of revising its Comprehensive Plan, a document that is required by State statute and provides vision and guidance for Berthoud’s future. The Comp Plan is not meant to be a static document; it is a tool that is updated as the town grows. The 2013 Comp Plan Update was draftedContinue reading “Berthoud Town Revising Comprehensive Plan”

Group Pressuring Town to Revoke Annexation

A citizens’ group behind a referendum petition seeking to repeal the Haworth annexation has enough signatures to move forward. The group supporting the petition, Citizens for a Better Berthoud (CBB), says it acquired nearly 400 signatures, more than double the amount needed, to get the referendum on a future ballot where voters would decide ifContinue reading “Group Pressuring Town to Revoke Annexation”

Agreement with Johnstown Faces Obstacles

The City Council had a long discussion concerning a possible Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Johnstown on April 2. According to staff, Larimer County has made it clear than an agreement between the two municipalities must be intact before the County will consider extending Loveland’s GMA overlay zoning district to allow more commercial development at theContinue reading “Agreement with Johnstown Faces Obstacles”