Greeley: Casseday to Run for Re-Election

Robb Casseday, one of Greeley’s two at-large City Councilors, will run for a second term. He was appointed in February 2011 to finish Maria Seacrest’s term. He won the seat again in November 2011 so he is eligible for another term. His priorities are street repair and infrastructure funding. He is also focused on theContinue reading “Greeley: Casseday to Run for Re-Election”

Greeley Council Sets 2014 Priorities

The City Council has decided to keep working on the priorities it established in 2013 for another year in order to keep the momentum going. Image, economic development, public safety and infrastructure are once again the top items on the Council’s work plan for 2014. For example, the Greeley Unexpected campaign, entryway improvements and dedicatedContinue reading “Greeley Council Sets 2014 Priorities”