Weld County: District 6 MLO Fails Again

The Greeley-Evans School District remains the only large district without a mill levy override after 52 percent of the voters rejected ballot measure 3A. The Greeley Area REALTOR® Association supported the measure. This is a difficult loss, after a strong campaign committee worked hard and long to make the case for additional funding.

Public School Funding in Colorado

  Unfortunately, like most key issues, K-12 funding has become partisan. Often it comes down to a debate centered on whether more funding creates better schools. I want to avoid that particular topic here. It is clear from the November ballot that our school districts believe they need more money to provide a quality education.Continue reading “Public School Funding in Colorado”

Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council

After months of work, and requests for public input, Greeley Assistant City Manager Victoria Runkle and Community Development Director Brad Mueller are ready to present recommendations to the City Council regarding the proposed 2015 impact fees. The total cost of all the impact fees for a single-family home will increase 8.6 percent if the CityContinue reading “Weld County: Staff Prepares to Present Impact Fee Proposal to Council”

Greeley Council Election Bodes Well for Real Estate

In spite of concerns to the contrary, the Greeley City Council election held no surprises. Mayor Tom Norton was re-elected with 72 percent of the votes. Sandi Elder and Randy Sleight also won decisively and John Gates ran unopposed. The Greeley Area REALTOR Association’s endorsed candidates were all successful and perhaps more importantly, the 51stContinue reading “Greeley Council Election Bodes Well for Real Estate”

GARA Announces Candidate Endorsements

The Greeley Area REATOR Association is endorsing the following candidates in the City Council election: Mayor: Tom Norton At-Large: Sandi Elder Ward 2: Randy Sleight Ward 3: John Gates The 3 incumbents (Norton, Elder and Gates) have demonstrated their continued support for REALTOR issues through their voting records. Although the ward 4 seat is hotlyContinue reading “GARA Announces Candidate Endorsements”

GARA Opposes Proposed Drilling Setbacks

The Board of Directors of the Greeley Area REALTOR® Association voted to oppose the 500-foot residential setback requirement being considered by the COGCC. It is estimated that a quarter of Greeley’s land would be useless for development if this rule is implemented. That translates to a loss of an estimated $3.2 million each year inContinue reading “GARA Opposes Proposed Drilling Setbacks”

Conway Wins Easily

Sean Conway was elected to serve a second term as an at-large commissioner on the five-person Board of (Weld) County Commissioners. Conway formerly served as Chief of Staff for Senator Wayne Allard. Conway was endorsed by the Greeley Area REALTOR® Association and received a campaign donation from GARA using local CARPAC funds.