2017 Holiday Wrap Up

Happy Holidays!  We hope you had a successful 2017 and, to that end, we’d like to recap what IRES accomplished this year to help your business grow. Whether that is buying, selling, appraising or providing support services, you are our priority!  Let’s make sure you didn’t miss any of the updates we put in place.Continue reading “2017 Holiday Wrap Up”

Graphiq: Knowledge Delivered Visually

When looking for a new home, consumers are hungry for information about the property and lifestyle of the area. How are the schools rated? How long will the commute be?  Have home sales been strong in that area with low foreclosure rates? Graphiq displays that information in interesting, intuitive graphs that buyers love. IRES is excitedContinue reading “Graphiq: Knowledge Delivered Visually”

Spring into Spring with our Newest Technology Features: Graphiq and Everlance

One of our primary missions at IRES is to give brokers access to the latest technology innovations and integrate the best tools on the market into our home grown MLS system. Because the real estate high season started early this year, we are excited to announce the addition of two new tools, Graphiq and Everlance,Continue reading “Spring into Spring with our Newest Technology Features: Graphiq and Everlance”

Introducing Graphiq

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Graphiq! Graphiq provides unprecedented access to property and location information visualizations. Simple yet powerful, data is presented in attractive graphs that are easy to understand and share. Your IRES MLS is the first MLS in the nation to implement Graphiq, so take a look at theContinue reading “Introducing Graphiq”