Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires

All binding authority is automatically suspended by insurance companies during times of an impending disaster and during times of disaster. Examples of disasters that cause automatic suspension are: wildfire, hail, tornado, hurricane, riot, civil commotion, or earthquake. In this instance, the burning of wildfires located throughout Colorado has been determined as a cause to immediatelyContinue reading “Insurance Binding Restricted Due to Colorado Wildfires”

Loveland City Council Begins Review of Capital Expansion Fees

Like all jurisdictions, periodically the Loveland City Council is required to review and revise the impact fees charged for new development. The City Council took the first step in this process by comparing the fees charged in Loveland with other cities in the region. According to a staff report, the fee for a single-family residenceContinue reading “Loveland City Council Begins Review of Capital Expansion Fees”

Larimer County Considers Code Regulations for Victims of High Park Fire

The County Commissioners and Planning Commission took the first step in adopting measures to make the process of rebuilding easier for property owners impacted by the High Park fire. They passed a resolution that will allow rebuilding without payment of impact fees and allow the use of temporary housing (RVs, etc.), which would normally beContinue reading “Larimer County Considers Code Regulations for Victims of High Park Fire”

City of Loveland Needs Funding for Water Infrastructure

At a recent study session staff provided the results of its latest cost-of-service water rate study. The problem is that the City hasn’t raised water fees in while and has deferred capital maintenance. Now the City’s infrastructure is aging and needs repairs. Since the capital reserves have been depleted, the Council will have to decideContinue reading “City of Loveland Needs Funding for Water Infrastructure”