Colorado: SB-267 Just a Drop in the Bucket

SB-267, “Sustainability of Rural Colorado,” a legislative compromise that solved the Hospital Provider Fee’s impact on the TABOR cap, will not solve Colorado’s transportation funding crisis. Over time the bill will generate $1.8 billion for transportation but 25 percent is slated for rural roads and 10 percent is dedicated to transit, leaving about $1 billionContinue reading “Colorado: SB-267 Just a Drop in the Bucket”

Colorado: Political Leaders Lay Out Issues for Legislative Session

The 2017 legislation session opened on January 11 and it could be the most productive session in years – if both sides of the aisle can agree on how to solve the state’s most vexing issues – transportation funding and construction defects, to name a few. The new Speaker of the House, Crisanta Duran, andContinue reading “Colorado: Political Leaders Lay Out Issues for Legislative Session”

Colorado: Oil and Gas Fight Generating Big Money

Groups opposing or supporting oil and gas development have put a lot of effort into several different ballot initiatives this year. While we won’t know until after August 8 which questions have gathered enough signatures to make it on the ballot, significant amounts of money have already been spent on both sides. August 1 wasContinue reading “Colorado: Oil and Gas Fight Generating Big Money”

Colorado: Governor’s Transportation Funding Idea in Peril

Observers say Senate Republicans will not support Governor Hickenlooper’s proposal to make the Hospital Provider Fee (HPF) an enterprise fund so that the HPF doesn’t count against the TABOR cap. The GOP is trying to pander to its most conservative members, who oppose anything that they say sidesteps TABOR. This is unfortunate because the HPFContinue reading “Colorado: Governor’s Transportation Funding Idea in Peril”

Colorado: State of the State

Governor Hickenlooper’s State of the State speech on Jan. 14 touched on many issues of interest to those of us in the real estate industry. The Governor asked for legislation to fund water projects included in the Colorado Water Plan. He also said we must invest in transportation to ease congestion and increase mobility, specificallyContinue reading “Colorado: State of the State”

Weld County: Weld Wants to Opt-Out of Gas/Oil Rules

The Weld County commissioners hope to avoid implementing new rules just approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) by making their own regulations. The COGCC rules are the result of changes suggested by Governor Hickenlooper’s task force in 2015. The task force was created in a compromise brokered by the Governor thatContinue reading “Weld County: Weld Wants to Opt-Out of Gas/Oil Rules”

Transportation Summit June 15

“Transportation Summit 2015: Meet the Challenge” will take place on June 15 at Island Grove Park from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The keynote speaker is U.S. Senator Cory Gardner. Sen. Michael Bennet is also expected to attend. Governor Hickenlooper has been invited but has not announced if he will participate. The purpose of theContinue reading “Transportation Summit June 15”

Legislative Update

CAR has launched a Call to Action on Senate Bill 177 “HOA Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines” aka construction defects. This is the same bill CAR supported last year and the LPC voted to support this year’s bill with little discussion. SB-177 was introduced on Feb. 10th and assigned to the Business, Labor and TechnologyContinue reading “Legislative Update”

No Special Session

The Governor has given up trying to create compromise legislation to avoid the contentious gas and oil ballot initiatives being pushed by Congressman Polis and others. In his statement Governor Hickenlooper said, “Over the past several months, we have worked with a bipartisan coalition to explore a legislative compromise that would avoid a series ofContinue reading “No Special Session”

Update on Governor’s Wildfire Task Force

Gov. Hickenlooper has given the Task Force more time to finalize its recommendation. The final report is now due September 30. The Building and Activities subcommittee (BAS) presented its recommendations to the Task Force on July 29. The BAS includes representatives from the Colorado Municipal League, Colorado Counties, Inc., the Colorado Association of Home BuildersContinue reading “Update on Governor’s Wildfire Task Force”