Loveland: LBAR Supports School Ballot Measures

Following the recommendation of the Government Affairs Committee, LBAR’s Board of Directors voted to support Thompson School District’s mill levy override (MLO) and bond measures. Ballot question 3D will ask voters to approve a MLO of 7.15 mills for residential properties to make salaries and compensation more competitive with neighboring districts, replace textbooks and purchaseContinue reading “Loveland: LBAR Supports School Ballot Measures”

Berthoud: Mulvihill Wins Special Election

Steve Mulvihill, a retired businessman with military experience, decisively won the August 9 special election in Berthoud, taking 49 percent of the vote in the three candidate race. This ends the saga which began in April when Pete Cowdin ran unopposed for mayor but resigned the day he was supposed to be sworn in. Now, withContinue reading “Berthoud: Mulvihill Wins Special Election”

Larimer County: LBAR Supports Incumbents

The Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS Board of Directors approved a recommendation from the Government Affairs Committee to endorse Steve Johnson (District 2) and Tom Donnelly (District 3) for Larimer County Commissioner. Both Commissioners have been supportive of REALTOR issues such as water, transportation, and housing, and work well with constituents. On November 8, voters willContinue reading “Larimer County: LBAR Supports Incumbents”

Berthoud: LBAR Endorses Mulvihill

Following the recommendation of the Government Affairs Committee, LBAR’s Board of Directors voted to endorse Steve Mulvihill for mayor of Berthoud and contribute to his campaign using local CARPAC funds. LBAR supports private property rights, economic development and good planning to preserve Berthoud’s future. Steve wants to protect the town’s infrastructure, support the downtown andContinue reading “Berthoud: LBAR Endorses Mulvihill”

Berthoud: Special Election Set for August 9

Three candidates will vie for the mayor’s seat in a special election scheduled for August 9. The candidates include Steve Mulvihill, a retired businessman, Jim Russo, a former Berthoud trustee and planning commission member in the 1990s, and May Soricelli, who occasionally reports for the Berthoud Surveyor newspaper All three candidates willContinue reading “Berthoud: Special Election Set for August 9”

Longmont: LAR Comments on Envision Longmont

Longmont’s revised comprehensive plan (comp plan), Envision Longmont, will be considered for adoption by the City Council on June 28. LAR’s Government Affairs Committee spent hours reviewing the document. A comp plan is generally a long-range planning document that defines where and how development will happen. It will affect every policy the City adopts, fromContinue reading “Longmont: LAR Comments on Envision Longmont”

Longmont: LAR Endorses Cory Gardner

The Longmont Association of REALTORS’ Board of Directors voted to support Cory Gardner for the US Senate, following a recommendation from the Government Affairs Committee. The endorsement is based on the following rationale: “Congressman Gardner has demonstrated his commitment to issues of concern to the real estate community. He visits with the leadership from LARContinue reading “Longmont: LAR Endorses Cory Gardner”

Longmont: REALTORS Support Luallin

The Board of Directors of the Longmont Association of REALTORS approved a recommendation from the Government Affairs Committee to support Randy Luallin for Boulder County Commissioner, District 3. Mr. Luallin, a Libertarian, is an advocate for property rights. He believes Boulder County land use regulations are too restrictive, making development expensive. His view that BoulderContinue reading “Longmont: REALTORS Support Luallin”

Fort Collins Staff Says Building Code Updates Always Add Cost

Fort Collins staff is preparing to make recommendations to City Council regarding the 2012 International Residential. That discussion has been postponed until December 3, but in a presentation to the FCBR Government Affairs Committee Chief Building Official Mike Gebo offered his thoughts and made some interesting observations. Gebo said every code update increases construction costContinue reading “Fort Collins Staff Says Building Code Updates Always Add Cost”

City, REALTORS® Agree to Forge Solution to Unpermitted Building Problem

City Manager Bill Cahill and Chief Building Official Tom Hawkinson meet with LBAR’s Government Affairs Committee to discuss unpermitted residential building in Loveland. There was consensus that safety is not negotiable but that efforts to increase compliance should be considered. Tom Hawkinson will continue to meet with the Government Affairs Committee to sketch out twoContinue reading “City, REALTORS® Agree to Forge Solution to Unpermitted Building Problem”