Gas and Oil Compromise Appears Unlikely

As has been widely reported, Gov. Hickenlooper is trying to avert the onslaught of gas and oil initiatives being supported by Rep. Jared Polis and anti-fracking activists by trying to craft a compromise, which would then be considered by the legislature in a special session. Rep. Polis has agreed to pull the 9 initiatives heContinue reading “Gas and Oil Compromise Appears Unlikely”

Urban Renewal Bill Rejected

Gov. Hickenlooper vetoed a bill on June 6 that would have increased restrictions on urban-renewal developments, saying that while he understood the intent of the measure, the financial requirements placed on cities in the bill were excessive. HB-1375, sponsored by House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (Loveland) would have required county officials to get at leastContinue reading “Urban Renewal Bill Rejected”

2013 State Legislature Features Many New Faces

A record 34 new members were sworn into the House and Senate. Some 8 of these are transfers from the House to the Senate, but regardless there are a lot of new faces, names and players at the Capitol to get to know. Adding to this challenge will be a virtually new roster of membersContinue reading “2013 State Legislature Features Many New Faces”