State: Transportation Bonding Bill Will Return in 2016

Last year the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance lobbied for a bill to reauthorize bonds to pay for transportation in our state. The bill failed because it was introduced too late and there was no time to build a coalition of business interests across the State. This year Rep. Brian DelGrosso, the House’s Minority Leader, willContinue reading “State: Transportation Bonding Bill Will Return in 2016”

TABOR Refund Will Be Source of Debate

According to the latest economic forecast, it appears that Colorado will take in $200 million more in taxes this year than it’s allowed to keep under the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR). Although $200 million is a lot of money that could be allocated to under-funded programs such as transportation, the consensus seems to beContinue reading “TABOR Refund Will Be Source of Debate”

Draft Water Plan Unveiled

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) presented its draft Colorado Water Plan to Gov. Hickenlooper on Dec. 10. In the draft, the CWCB says there is widespread consensus among the various water basins that water conservation, alternative methods of using agricultural water that will not result in the permanent dry-up of farmland, and more efficientContinue reading “Draft Water Plan Unveiled”

Public Trust Doctrine Advocates Try Again

Phillip Doe and Barbara Mills-Bria have refilled a proposal that they describe as “basically like Polis’s, except that it has teeth in it” according to the Denver Business Journal. Congressman Polis pulled his proposal as part of an agreement brokered by Gov. Hickenlooper. It was intended to create a constitutional right for Coloradans to cleanContinue reading “Public Trust Doctrine Advocates Try Again”

Denver: I-25 Update

At its 2015 Board Retreat the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance focused much of its agenda on transportation. Both Gov. Hickenlooper and CDOT Director Don Hunt attended a portion of the meeting. Gov. Hickenlooper argued it’s time for a new approach about how CDOT thinks about I-25 north of Denver. He said instead of thinking DenverContinue reading “Denver: I-25 Update”

Polling Dooms Transportation Sales Tax

MPACT64, the collaborative effort of the (Denver) Metro Mayors Caucus, Progressive 15, Action 22, and Club 20 will not push a .7 percent statewide sales tax question for the 2014 ballot. Early polling indicates there less support for the measure than there was for Amendment 66, the education measure that failed miserably at the pollsContinue reading “Polling Dooms Transportation Sales Tax”