Fort Collins: Short-term Regulation on Horizon

The City is considering a plan to license short-term rentals. Airbnb estimates it has 200 active renters in the Fort Collins area. Staff estimates 4.4 percent of homes in the City are rented on a short-term basis. Currently, homeowners are supposed to obtain both a sales tax license and a lodging tax license, however, itContinue reading “Fort Collins: Short-term Regulation on Horizon”

Fort Collins: Council to Consider Rental Licensing – Again

Mayor Pro Tem Gerry Horak has advocated for a discussion regarding rental licensing in order to address health and safety issues and landlord accountability in Fort Collins. The concept was considered but not implemented 10 years ago. As is the case in many college towns, rental properties comprise 45 percent of housing stock. Proponents sayContinue reading “Fort Collins: Council to Consider Rental Licensing – Again”