Colorado: Legislative Leadership Kills Transportation Bonding Bill

Although the General Assembly is not current in session, that doesn’t mean legislators are idle. Numerous interim committees have been busy preparing bills for the 2017 session. Recently, the Transportation Legislation Review Committee (TLRC), passed the Fix Colorado Roads Act, commonly referred to as TRANS II on a solid bi-partisan vote. The TRLC is aContinue reading “Colorado: Legislative Leadership Kills Transportation Bonding Bill”

Colorado Association of Realtors: Rule F-7 Won’t Change

Thanks to hard work by CAR staff and leadership, the Colorado Real Estate Commission recently voted not to adopt proposed changes to Rule F-7. According to CAR’s General Counsel, Scott Peterson, several attorneys who serve on the Real Estate Commission proposed changes to F-7 creating a list of criteria that would require a lawyer toContinue reading “Colorado Association of Realtors: Rule F-7 Won’t Change”

Loveland: Construction Defects Ordinance Will be Introduced in February

The Loveland City Council will consider a local construction defects ordinance sometime in February, according to Assistant City Manager Rod Wensing. He said the City understands that in many ways, the adoption of a local ordinance is a political and symbolic move intended to put more pressure on the General Assembly to pass statewide legislation.Continue reading “Loveland: Construction Defects Ordinance Will be Introduced in February”

State: Transportation Bonding Bill Will Return in 2016

Last year the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance lobbied for a bill to reauthorize bonds to pay for transportation in our state. The bill failed because it was introduced too late and there was no time to build a coalition of business interests across the State. This year Rep. Brian DelGrosso, the House’s Minority Leader, willContinue reading “State: Transportation Bonding Bill Will Return in 2016”

Legislative Update

CAR has launched a Call to Action on Senate Bill 177 “HOA Construction Defect Lawsuit Approval Timelines” aka construction defects. This is the same bill CAR supported last year and the LPC voted to support this year’s bill with little discussion. SB-177 was introduced on Feb. 10th and assigned to the Business, Labor and TechnologyContinue reading “Legislative Update”

New Colorado Congressmen Sworn In

Ken Buck (Windsor) became Colorado’s Representative for CD-4 at a swearing-in ceremony on Jan. 6. Buck chose Greg Brophy to be his chief of staff. Brophy, a farmer from the eastern plains, served as a member of the General Assembly until term limits forced him out of office. Buck and Brophy have similar political styles;Continue reading “New Colorado Congressmen Sworn In”