State: Should Gallagher Be Changed?

Building a Better Colorado (BBC), a bi-partisan effort to address some of Colorado’s biggest challenges, has been going around the state gathering input on three main issues: the constitutional initiative process, TABOR and the State budget and the lack of participation in the primary process. After attending one of these meetings in Loveland, it isContinue reading “State: Should Gallagher Be Changed?”

Nonpartisan Board Pushes for Major Reforms

The Board of TBD Colorado says Colorado’s path is “unsustainable” without major fiscal and constitutional reforms. TBD had been formed by Gov. Hickenlooper to seek broad civic engagement within the state. In a recent report, TBD’s Board argued that the Taxpayer’s Bill of rights, the Gallagher Amendment and Amendment 23 “have constrained flexibility of electedContinue reading “Nonpartisan Board Pushes for Major Reforms”