Region: Denver Creates Affordable Housing Fund

The Denver City Council approved an ordinance creating a $150 million fund for affordable housing. The fund is intended to create or preserve 600 units each year for ten years. City property owners will be charged an additional half mill, equating $12 a year on a home worth $300,000, which will bring in about $6.5Continue reading “Region: Denver Creates Affordable Housing Fund”

Loveland: 2017 Budget Includes Affordable Housing Fund

The draft budget presented by staff recently includes a new “Affordable Housing” special revenue fund. $400,000 was allocated to the fund for homelessness programs in 2017. The City Council had discussed homelessness earlier this spring and offered preliminary support for a proposal to lease used RVs that could be rented by homeless families. Non-profits suchContinue reading “Loveland: 2017 Budget Includes Affordable Housing Fund”