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Longmont: Public Meeting for Gas and Oil Comments

Recently the City Council discussed gas and oil regulations in Longmont but rather than moving forward with any legislation of its own, it decided to hold a public forum to get more input from citizens. Clearly some members of Council would support a ban on fracking or a moratorium regardless of their legality. Inevitably the… Continue reading Longmont: Public Meeting for Gas and Oil Comments

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Boulder: County Stalls for Time

At a public hearing on Dec. 13, County staff requested more time to finalize and implement new oil and gas regulations based on direction given by the Board of County Commissioners. In the meantime, a moratorium on new oil and gas development in Boulder County will remain in place through May 1, 2017. County staff said… Continue reading Boulder: County Stalls for Time

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Colorado: Study Says Fracking Doesn’t Impact Property Values

A new study found that there is no definitive evidence fracking negatively impacts property values in Colorado. The study, which is the most comprehensive analysis of its kind ever done in Colorado, looked at seven counties – Garfield, Grand, La Plata, Larimer, Pitkin, Routt, and Weld – and the homes in each county that were… Continue reading Colorado: Study Says Fracking Doesn’t Impact Property Values

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Fort Collins: City to Appeal Fracking Ruling

The Fort Collins City Council voted 6-1 to appeal the ruling by a district judge overturning the five year fracking moratorium in the City. Following Longmont’s lead, the resolution passed by the Council directs staff to request a stay on the court's decision pending the outcome of the appeal, which would delay the judge's ruling from… Continue reading Fort Collins: City to Appeal Fracking Ruling

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Longmont: City Appeals Fracking Ban

On August 26 the Longmont City Council voted unanimously to appeal the ruling of the Boulder District Court Judge D.D. Mallard overturning the fracking ban in Longmont. The decision was made in executive session with little discussion afterwards during the public meeting. The decision surprised observers, who had thought the City would accept the judge’s… Continue reading Longmont: City Appeals Fracking Ban

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Weld County: Does Fracking Hurt Home Prices?

Congressman Jared Polis, who represents Larimer and Boulder Counties, has been in the news because of his role in pushing constitutional initiatives that would further restrict gas and oil development in Colorado. On He has said many times that he wants to protect property values. For example, on July 16 he said "My one goal is… Continue reading Weld County: Does Fracking Hurt Home Prices?

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Loveland: Fracking Moratorium Defeated

Voters in Loveland rejected a ballot measure that called for a local moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in a special election on June 24. Five other Northern Colorado towns have already approved similar anti-fracking measures – Fort Collins, Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette and Broomfield. The election was closely monitored on both sides of the issue because of… Continue reading Loveland: Fracking Moratorium Defeated

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State Initiative has Major Implications

State voters may face a plethora of ballot initiatives this fall but perhaps the most troubling is the proposed initiative #75, the Right to Local Self-Government. The proponents have until August 4th to gather enough signatures to put the measure on the November ballot. This initiative would change the State’s constitution, which already gives home… Continue reading State Initiative has Major Implications

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Loveland REALTORS Oppose Fracking Ban

On May 28th the Board of Directors of the Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS voted to oppose Ballot Question 1, which will be considered by Loveland voters in the June 24 special election. The question asks voters to approve a two-year moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. The Board adopted this position based on the following arguments: It… Continue reading Loveland REALTORS Oppose Fracking Ban

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Loveland Fracking Ballot Question Vague

Sometimes the devil is in the details. As noted in the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the ballot initiative proposed by Protect Our Loveland (POL) not only imposes a two-year moratorium on fracking; it also calls for the study of the impacts of fracking on property values and human health. The question is, who will be responsible for… Continue reading Loveland Fracking Ballot Question Vague